Conservatives plot to roll back LGBT protections

Maryland lawmakers consider new HIV-specific criminal law

Lawmakers in the Maryland legislature are considering legislation which will change the state's HIV-specific criminal law from a th

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California group defends Florida's ‘Parent Trigger bill’

According to a California-based organization backing Florida’s controversial “Parent Trigger bill,” the measure isn’t being led by charter schools or business-backed groups, and actually has the su

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Opponents of emergency financial manager law turn in signatures to put law on ballot

LANSING -- Hundreds of opponents of the controversial emergency financial manager law marched to the Richard Austin Building -- home of the Michigan Secretary of State -- to turn in hundreds of tho

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Glenn unites tea party, religious right in Michigan Senate race

Ex-gay movement deeply tied to marriage amendment push

A Republican state legislator and a man who claims to be a "former homosexual" have teamed up to support an anti-gay-marriage amendment to the Minnesota constitution.

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Complaint alleges Minn. marriage amendment backers broke the law

A government watchdog group filed complaints on Wednesday with Minnesota's campaign finance board alleging that two groups, the Minnesota Family Council and Minnesota for Marriage, violated the sta

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Complaint looms against Minn. anti-gay-marriage amendment funders

Minnesota school district drops anti-LGBT policy that spawned national controversy

Minnesota's embattled Anoka-Hennepin School Board voted on Monday to repeal a long-held policy that prohibits discussion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the classroom and replac

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NOM hits media circuit after setbacks in Washington, California

Representatives of the National Organization for Marriage made several media appearances over the weekend in the wake of the Washington State Legislature's vote in favor of marriage equality for sa

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