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Catholic power dynamics highlighted in Colorado funding flap

The political tug-of-war waging within the U.S.

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Colorado county board renews decision to ban Plan B at health clinics

This story was originally published by The Colorado Independent.

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The crime of being positive

Mich.’s AIDS planning group trades transparency for protection of members’ HIV status

HIV ribbon

LANSING, MICH.—The Michigan Department of Community Health has launched an investigation into whether its HIV/AIDS advisory body violated the state’s Open Meetings Act by requiring attendees to sig

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Maryland lawmaker cranks HIV-decriminalization gears with message bill

prison image

*This article has been updated to reflect a correction.

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Mich. HIV data collection violates intent of statute, says lawmaker who helped create law



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Mich. health dept. denies media access to training on controversial HIV database* UPDATE

This article has been updated, below the original story, to reflect that The American Independent has been authorized to attend Wednesday's meeting.

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Not-so-confidential HIV testing

MDCH HIV testing brochure cropped

Since 2003, the Michigan Department of Community Health has been secretly collecting the names, dates of birth, risk categories, and other demographic information of people submitting for confident

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Sequester could lead to massive cuts in HIV testing, treatment


The AIDS Drug Assistance Program is among the many federal programs that will take a hit if $85 billion in across-the-board spending cuts go through March 1, and those cuts could potentially lead t

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President’s AIDS council calls on feds to help states repeal HIV-criminalization laws

behind bars

The Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA) passed a resolution last week that calls for an end to federal and state HI

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