AUDIO: National Organization for Marriage wants Starbucks to pay 'price' in Middle East

NOM Conference Call Invitation

The National Organization for Marriage is pledging to continue its efforts to ensure that companies that back same-sex marriage pay a “price” in Middle Eastern countries that are hostile to gay rig

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Backers of Minn. marriage amendment use controversial parenting study


A controversial study on parenting has become a focal point of the campaign in Minnesota to pass a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage this November.

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Mich. GOP elects controversial lawmaker to RNC

LANSING -- Michigan Republicans ousted long-standing National Committeemen Saul Anuzis this weekend, instead opting for a right-wing state lawmaker who has sparked controversy on numerous issues, i

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Opponents of emergency financial manager law turn in signatures to put law on ballot

LANSING -- Hundreds of opponents of the controversial emergency financial manager law marched to the Richard Austin Building -- home of the Michigan Secretary of State -- to turn in hundreds of tho

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Glenn unites tea party, religious right in Michigan Senate race

At CPAC, leaders urge steering birth control conversation toward abortion

Stop talking about birth control. That was the key message from some of the most prominent leaders of America's anti-abortion movement, speaking Friday at the

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(VIDEO) Peter Brimelow brings controversy to CPAC for nationalist views

The American Conservative Union has already taken heat early into this year's annual Conservative Political Action Conference for banning a pro-gay c

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Bachmann backs Minnesota anti-gay marriage amendment, says same-sex marriage is like incest

After a failed attempt at the Republican nomination for president of the United States, Minnesota Rep.

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First U.S. Senate campaign ad ignites political firestorm

Former Congressman Pete Hoekstra unveiled the first television commercial in the 2012 U.S.

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Seniors have sex and should get tested, HIV researchers say

Many people at risk for contracting HIV aren’t getting tested for the virus or being targeted for preventative efforts, because they are – in a word – old.

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