'Morning in America' host to Jeffress: 'You did Rick Perry no good, sir'

Bill Bennett, radio host of "Morning in America," censured Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress during his comments at Saturday's Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., criticizing the pastor for statements he made against presidential candidate Mitt Romney's religion.

On Friday, Jeffress told TAI: “When the smoke clears it is going to be a Perry-Romney fight, and those of us in the evangelical community prefer a Christian incompetent leader to a competent non-Christian leader,” implying that because former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is a Mormon, he is not a Christian.

He made similar comments to other members of the press.

Friday night Jeffress went on Focal Point with American Family Institute's Bryan Fischer and said that, because Romney is a Mormon, he is not "true, born again follower of Christ." He called Mormonism a cult and said that only Perry would be able to defeat "the most pro-homosexual, most pro-abortion president in history."

Bennett told today's audience not to "give voice to bigotry" like Jeffress.

"You stepped on and obscured the words of Perry and Santorum and Cain and Bachmann and everyone else that spoke here," Bennett said. "You did rick Perry no good sir."

Watch: Jeffress on Bryan Fischer's Focal Point: